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A Letter From Founder

I started Giraffa because I saw the necessity of bringing innovative solutions into early years education: both school classrooms and homes with parents highly involved in their kids’ learning processes.

I believe in empowering kids with the knowledge and skills that they develop on their own in an engaging environment. With the assistance of educators, and if the tool and the atmosphere are correct, the early years learning becomes the strongest basis for the person’s entire positive life and well-being! These learnings, specialized in maths and logic, are an excellent foundation for their creative thinking development. Although critical thinking and creativity are useful in all professions, those can be directly applied to their work towards STEM areas in future, as kids acquire passion for creative mathematics.

There is one big difference between Giraffa and other brands: we have developed and we follow a curriculum and this is unique in the toy industry. Our methodology (link to method page) is based on educational outcomes each kid should achieve depending on the age and the development stage.

Being a parent, I remember myself being lost in a huge ocean of toys available (mostly plastic, by the way!). That is why we offer only high quality wood materials and also assistance and guidance to parents, explaining in an easy way exactly why and how to to use our manipulatives.

Today, we offer specialized solutions for Early Years. However, our goal is to cover all the stages of PK-12 Education and become a trustful partner for schools and parents in the area of innovative education. Education is at the forefront of shaping tomorrow’s future leaders. Giraffa is here to contribute to do so.

Thank you very much for your trust in my project.

Anna Inetskaya

Giraffa Founder, mom, educator and engineer.

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