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Our story

Giraffa’s story is a personal story of a mother, teacher and engineer who is committed to develop an innovative and appropriate education for today and tomorrow.

When her first child was born, and in the face of a technological and increasingly changing world, Anna was asking herself daily: what should parents do to prepare their children for this new world?

Working at the University, in her Innovation classes she has an opportunity to observe how different students were performing differently in creative thinking activities. And one day, while analyzing the profiles, he suddenly realized one important thing.

She realized that learning creative thinking in college was too late. All of her students were already grown-up people with formed beliefs, with a totally rigid brain and established thinking processes. She realized that if she really wanted to help to shape the future leaders of our tomorrow, she had to start with much younger people, with children, and indeed with very young children or almost babies.

Numerous scientific and neuropsychological studies show that the education of the first years is the most important stage in a person’s life. What we give our children ages 0 to 6 has a direct effect on their development and future success, thus determining the adult they will become.

Aware of this, Anna was trained in innovative techniques of early childhood education, Montessori techniques and teaching of Manipulative Mathematics, among others. Making the materials to educate her son by herself or going world wide, visiting international educational exhibitions in search of the best products, but after a time of in-depth study and testing, one thing was clear. There was a different and a better way to educate in creative thinking and she was willing to share it.

This is how Giraffa was born: young but ambitious, demanding but educated, Giraffa is here to help parents to feel prepared before the immediate challenge of educating their little ones, whether at home or at school.

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